Dada Paramatmananda

Amplifying Our Potential  – The Art of Meditation and Yoga (Part 1)

As we grow up and progress through life in search of our purpose and our destiny, we unconsciously create our personality. By the time  we realise we have a personaliy it is already formed. Thus we end up with a mishmash of habits that empower us and habits that disempower us.

Meditation and Yoga is an active, structured process of understanding the esssential nature of being so that we can consciously shape our responses in our life’s journey.

Through this inspiring workshop Dada takes us through a journey gaining insight into our mind and how to create the present that is not merely the projection of the past, but one that we choose. We learn about  the powerful tools of resonance, coherence, focus and intuitional development and how to apply them in our lives.